Edasol 2012

The conference's aim is to gather together the academic community and other relevant participants in the function of a comprehensive review and to present research results in relation to the level of living standards and social inclusion in developing countries (LDCs) in the age of crisis.

Special attention will be devoted to the fight against poverty and social exclusion in the light of fulfilling Millennium Development Goalsand goals from the Europe Program 2020, particularly from the aspect of the countries in the  Western Balkan region.

Consequently, the conference „EDASOL 2012“will attempt to determine and include the possible strategies that are offered and/or available to different countries in order to reduce the impact of the crisis and to overcome it completely.

Main topic field

  • The achieved level of living standards in developing countries (LDCs) and trends in the development of living standards in the countries of the Western Balkan region.
  • The impact of crisis on living standards and social inclusion
  • The fight to reduce poverty and social exclusion
  • The crisis in the European Union and its effects on the environment
  • Development of possible strategies for improving living standards and social inclusion in a time of crisis